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蔡耿彰(Tsai, Keng-Chang)

蔡耿彰實驗室生活照Current position:Associate Research Fellow
Education:Ph.D., Institute of Life Science, National Tsing Hua University
Telephone:+886-2-2820-1999 ext. 6241(Office)、6251(Lab)
E-mail : tkc@nricm.edu.tw

Major Professional Experiences:
Adjunct Associate Professor, Ph.D. Program for Biotechnology in Medicine, Taipei Medical University (2016/05~now)
Assistant Research Fellow, National Research Institute of Chinese Medicine, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Taiwan. (2013/07~2015/11)
Assistant Research Fellow, National Research Institute of Chinese Medicine, Taiwan. (2011/08~2013/07)
Postdoctoral Fellow, Genomics Research Center, Academia Sinica, Taiwan. (2005/10~2011/07)
Bio-Information Project Manager and Chinese-herb Database, Breadth Technology company (2004/02~2005/06)

 TCM Antibody Library, Phage Display Antibody/Peptide Library, Computer-aided Drug Design, Natural Product Database, Structural bio-informatics.

Research Description:
Our interest includes Four parts:
  1. To develop TCM antibody libraries for screening of targeted protein
  2. Finding receptor and ligand binding site with phage display peptide or antibody library platform to provide important 3D-QSAR and pharmacophore models which are employed to increase hits in screening active compounds/anti-compound antibodies.
  3. Affinity selection of Chinese herbal extracts and peptide phage library to obtain peptide sequence from which the most potential sequences are identified by experiment and computational molecular modeling and the target sequences are used to screen potential target protein for the disease diagnosis or analysis.3.
  4. Constructing a huge natural product database including Chinese Ancient Literatures, information of disease, protein targets, drug compounds, and natural-product compounds as well as pharmacophore models and docking strategy. 
Honor:  The 31th Symposium on Natural Products & Symposium on Pharmacy and Traditional Chinese Medicine (the first prize in TCM)
Chinese Publication:
  1. Chemical engineering and information, Vol.37, Application of Drug information in drug development.
  2. Wang-Chuan Chen*, Keng-Chang Tsai, Li-Wei Lin, Hui-Hsiung Lin, and  Chun-Chuan Shih.(2015) Investigation of Tyrosinase Inhibition by Chinese Herbal Medicine Small Molecules as Skin-whitening Ingredients, Taiwan Journal of Chinese Medicine. 13(1): 29-42.
  3. Li-Wei Lin, Yune-Fang Ueng, Keng-Chang Tsai, Hung-Ju Hsu, Chun-Chuan Shih, and Wang-Chuan Chen.* (2015) Investigation of Interaction between Shu-Gin-Hwai-Shen-tang and Anticoagulant Warfarin from the Perspective of Structural Biology, Taiwan Journal of Chinese Medicine. 13(1): 1-12.
    Published Papers:
Published Papers:
NCBI PubMed :  Keng-Chang Tsai (Please click!!) 
 Google Scholar :  Keng-Chang Tsai (Please click!!)
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