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Associate Research Fellow/Shen, Chien-Chang

沈建昌實驗室生活照Current position:Associate Research Fellow
Telephone:866-2-2820-1999 Ext. 8581、8571
Major Professional Experiences
Postdoctoral fellow in Department of Chemistry, Ohio State University, USA
Organic Chemistry, Drug Design and Synthesis, Natural Product Chemistry
Research Description
Traditional Chinese medicine has been used for thousands of years and much precious knowledge and experience were accumulated after the long-term clinical tests. In addition to the traditional Chinese medicine described in the ancient books and records, many kinds of folk medicine are also widely used. In order to seek the effective treatments for many diseases, not only oriental countries actively investigate Chinese herbal medicine, but western countries pay more and more attention to the study of Chinese herbal medicine. Currently, our research efforts focus on the synthesis of biologically active natural products isolated from medicinal plants. Structure modification and drug design are also involved to investigate their structure-activity relationships, which may bring about the discovery of lead compounds for the treatments of diseases. Furthermore, we are interested in the study on the isolation and structure determination of natural products from medicinal plants.
Published Papers
NCBI PubMed :  Chien-Chang Shen (Please click!!)

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