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Research Fellows

Su, Yi-Chang photo

蘇奕彰 (Prof./Dr. Su, Yi-Chang)

Position: Director
Specialty: Chinese Medical Body Constitution, Chinese Medical Pathology, Chinese Medical Health Promotion , Clinical Research of Chinese Medicine Integrated with Western Medicine, Chinese Medicine Classics and Literature Research, Structure and Curriculum Design of Chinese Medicine Education

Tel.: +886 2 2820-1999  ext. 3101
E-mail:  sychang@nricm.edu.tw



Huang Nai-Kuei photo

黃乃瑰(Huang, Nai-Kuei)

Position: Research Fellow
Specialty: Neuroscience, Signal Transduction, Drug Abuse

Tel.: +886 2 2820-1999 ext. 8051, 8061

E-mail: andrew@nricm.edu.tw

Ueng,Yune-Fang photo

翁芸芳(Ueng, Yune-Fang)

Position: Research Fellow/Chief, Division of Basic Chinese Medicine
Specialty: Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Toxicology

Tel.: +886 2 2820-1999 ext. 6351, 6361

E-mail: ueng@nricm.edu.tw

Cheng, Jing-Jy photo

鄭靜枝(Cheng, Jing-Jy)

Position: Associate Research Fellow
Specialty: Angiogenesis, Cancer, Endothelial Biology, Signal Transduction, Cell Biology

Tel.: +886 2 2820-1999 ext. 3671, 3691

E-mail: verona@nricm.edu.tw

Shian,Young-Ji photo

蕭永基(Shiao, Young-Ji)

Position: Associate Research Fellow
Specialty: Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Neuroscience

Tel.: +886 2 2820-1999 ext. 4171, 4163

E-mail: yshiao@nricm.edu.tw

Liu, Hui-Kang photo

劉慧康(Liu, Hui-Kang)

Position: Associate Research Fellow
Specialty: Anti-Diabetes Research, Anti-Metabolic Syndrome Research, Cell Biology, Signal Transduction

Tel.: +886 2 2820-1999 ext. 3711, 3721

E-mail: hk.liu@nricm.edu.tw

Wei, Wen-Chi photo

魏紋祈(Wei, Wen-Chi)

Position: Assistant Research Fellow
Specialty: Development of anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer activities of medicinal herbs, Tumor microenvironment and metastasis, Signal transduction in dendritic cells and MDSCs, Investigation of cancer immunotherapeutic effects of TCMs from Chinese medicine literatures

tel: +886 2 2820-1999 ext. 3561(Office), 3551(Lab)

E-mail: jackwei@nricm.edu.tw



shen,Yuh-Chiang photo

沈郁強(Shen, Yuh-Chiang)

Position: Research Fellow / Chief, Division of Clinical Chinese Medicine
Specialty: Elucidating anti-stroke drugs and mechanisms by traditional Chinese medicines (TCM), Leukocyte Cell and Molecular Biology, Inflammation Mechanism and Neuron Protection

Tel.: +886 2 2820-1999 ext. 9101, 9121

E-mail: yuhcs@nricm.edu.tw

Chiou,Wen-Fei photo

邱文慧(Chiou, Wen-Fei)

Position: Research Fellow / Deputy Director
Specialty: Inflammation, Chemotaxis, Osteoporosis

Tel.: +886 2 2820-1999 ext. 4481, 4531

E-mail: wfchiou@nricm.edu.tw

Elise Chia-Hui Tan photo

譚家惠(Elise Chia-Hui Tan)

Position: Assistant Research Fellow
Specialty: Health Services Research, Health Technology Assessment, Health Policy, Big Data Analytics

Tel.: +886 2 2820-1999 ext. 5261, 5271

E-mail: elisetan@nricm.edu.tw

Li, Yi-Fan photo

黎伊帆(Li, Yi-Fan)

Position: Assistant Research Fellow
Specialty: Public health, children's health, investigation and research, medical use of Chinese medicine and benefit evaluation

tel: +886 2 2820-1999 ext. 4551

E-mail: yifanli@nricm.edu.tw

Tseng, Mayeesha Yu-hwei photo

曾育慧 (Tseng, Mayeesha Yu-hwei)

Position: Assistant Research Fellow
Specialty: Social and historical analysis of health, global health, qualitative methods, development studies, NGOs and advocacy, primary health care

tel: +886 2 2820-1999 ext. 8201, 8202, 8211

E-mail: mayeeshat@nricm.edu.tw




Don, Ming-Jaw photo

董明兆(Don, Ming-Jaw)

Position: Research Fellow / Chief, Division of Medicinal Chemistry
Specialty: Organic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Natural Products

Tel.: +886 2 2820-1999 ext. 8411, 8401

E-mail: mjdon@nricm.edu.tw

Huang, Yu-Ling photo

黃鈺玲(Huang, Yu-Ling)

Position: Associate Research Fellow
Specialty: Phytochemistry, Spectrometric Chemistry

Tel.: +886 2 2820-1999 ext. 6701, 6691

E-mail: ylhuang@nricm.edu.tw

Shen, Chien-Chang photo

沈建昌(Shen, Chien-Chang)

Position: Associate Research Fellow
Specialty: Organic Chemistry, Drug Design and Synthesis, Natural Product Chemistry

Tel.: +886 2 2820-1999 ext. 8581, 8571

E-mail: ccshen@nricm.edu.tw

Lu, Chung-Kuang photo

盧重光(Lu, Chung-Kuang)

Position: Associate Research Fellow
Specialty: Natural Product Chemistry, Cultural Techniques of Microbes

Tel.: +886 2 2820-1999 ext. 5441

E-mail: cklu@nricm.edu.tw

Li, Wen-Tai photo

李文泰 (Li, Wen-Tai)

Position: Associate Research Fellow
Specialty: Medicinal Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry

Tel.: +886 2 2820-1999 ext. 8261, 8281

E-mail: lwt0220@nricm.edu.tw

Tsai, Keng-Chang photo

蔡耿彰 (Tsai, Keng-Chang)

Position: Associate Research Fellow
Specialty: TCM Antibody Library, Phage Display Antibody/Peptide Library, Computer-aided Drug Design, Natural Product Database, Structural bio-informatics

Tel: +886 2 2820-1999 ext. 6241(Office), 6251(Lab)

E-mail: tkc@nricm.edu.tw


Kuo, Yao-Haur photo  

郭曜豪(Kuo, Yao-Haur)

Position: Research Fellow / Chief, Division of Herbal Drug and Natural Products
Specialty: Natural Products Chemistry, Pharmacognosy, Quality Control of Chinese Herbs

Tel.: +886 2 2820-1999 ext. 7051, 7061

E-mail: kuoyh@nricm.edu.tw

Lu, Mei-Kuang photo

盧美光(Lu, Mei-Kuang)

Position: Research Fellow
Specialty: Plant Tissue Culture, Fungal Culture, Carbohydrate Chemistry

Tel.: +886 2 2820-1999 ext. 7391, 7531

E-mail: mklu@nricm.edu.tw

Chiou, Chun-Tang photo

邱俊棠(Chiou, Chun-Tang)

Position: Assistant Research Fellow
Specialty: Cell Biology, Drug Screening

Tel.: +886 2 2820-1999 ext. 8091

E-mail: ctchiou@nricm.edu.tw

Chen, Chang-Chang photo

陳昶璋 (Chen, Chang-Chang)

Position: Assistant Research Fellow
Specialty: Crop Physiology, Apiculture, Stable Isotope Analysis Techniques

Tel.: +886 2 2820-1999 ext. 7071

E-mail: chencc@nricm.edu.tw

Liaw,Chia-Ching photo

廖家慶 (Liaw, Chia-Ching)

Position: Assistant Research Fellow
Specialty: Natural Product Chemistry, Phytochemistry, Spectrometric Chemistry, Quality Control of Chinese Herbs

tel: +886-2-2820-1999 ext. 2621 (Office), 2531

E-mail: liawcc@nricm.edu.tw




Lin, Lie-Chwen photo

林麗純(Lin, Lie-Chwen)

Position: Research Fellow / Chief, Division of Information
Specialty: Natural Product Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry

Tel.: +886 2 2820-1999 ext. 7101, 7111

E-mail: lclin@nricm.edu.tw

Yuen, Kwok-Wa photo

袁國華(Yuen, Kwok-Wa)

Position: Assistant Research Fellow
Specialty: Document research, textual research and interpretation of difficult words in unearthed documents, interdisciplinary research of text and information

tel: +886 2 2820-1999 ext. 6281

E-mail: jkwyuen@nricm.edu.tw

Tseng, Mayeesha Yu-hwei photo

蔡忠志 (Tsai, Chung-Chih)

Position: Assistant Research Fellow
Specialty: Ancient Chinese History, Chinese Medical Literature

tel: +886 2 2820-1999 ext. 6301, 6282

E-mail: omdatakada@nricm.edu.tw