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Recommendations for patients experiencing diarrhea after taking NRICM101

COVID-19 may affect gastrointestinal function, resulting in abdominal discomfort or diarrhea. NRICM101 has cold properties, so some people with sensitive stomachs or weaker gastrointestinal systems may experience diarrhea after taking it. If this occurs, it is recommended to cook and consume ginger soup (which can also be taken with NRICM101) to help improve gastrointestinal function. If you do not have ginger, you can directly brew commercially available ginger brown sugar cubes (or dried ginger brown sugar cubes) and drink 300-500cc per day. If you’re experiencing severe diarrhea, you can temporarily take antidiarrheal medicine prescribed by a western medicine physician for 1-2 days to prevent dehydration and fatigue.

Note: If the diarrhea persists after following the above measures, please consult your primary Chinese and western medicine physicians.

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