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Budget, Accounting and Statistics Agency


The goal of the BAS Agency is to make the most use of the limited resources to aid in the development of the institute while serving lawfully and with professionalism.


Accounting Businesses:

  1. Budgeting and auditing
  2. Budget distribution
  3. Budget reserve
  4. Expenditure of the first and the second reserve fund
  5. Prepare monthly accounting reports
  6. Compilation of semi-annual settlement report prepare
  7. Prepare final reports
  8. Audit of revenues
  9. Audit of expenses
  10. Audit of request, contribution, closing and reporting of agency fees
  11. Audit of purchasing and disposition of properties
  12. Audit of collection and payment on behalf of another party
  13. Audit of deposits received and released of purchasing cases
  14. Audit of collection and release of retirement fund for contract employees.
  15. Audit of collection and release of marketable securities and items in custody.
  16. Audit of difference from special account deposits and items in custody
  17. Supervision of procurement
  18. Supervision of cashier and accounting business
  19. Disposal of allowance for doubtful accounts
  20. Others