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Research Accomplishments

From 2003 to 2012, there are over 611 papers published in leading periodicals of academic fields domestically and internationally, such as Hepatology, Free Radical Biology and Medicine, Journal of Cell Science, British Journal of Pharmacology, European Journal of Pharmacology, Journal of Natural Products, Phytochemistry, Journal of Neurochemistry, etc. The annual average is more than 50 and many patents in Chinese herb medicine are acquired. There are 59 SCI papers published in 2012, 9 among 2012's papers are in former 10% among the Biological Medicine and Chemistry Programs and 29 papers with impact factor greater than 3. This reveals the hard working devotion and excellent achievement made by all researchers in the Institute.

Besides, we have also obtained good reputation and accomplishments in the internet promotion of Chinese medicine information contributed by the Institute, including Diet Treating for Longevity, Excursion for Taiwan Herbs, Document Search for Chinese Medicine Subjects and the latest e-book Great Dictionary of the Contrast Between Chinese and Western Medicine of Disease Names.