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董明兆(Don, Ming-Jaw)

董明兆實驗室生活照Current position:Research Fellow/Chief, Division of Chinese Medicinal Chemistry
Tel: (886-2)2820-1999 ext. 8411、8401
Education : Ph.D., Department of Chemistry, University of North Texas, U.S.A.
Major Professional Experiences
Associate Research Fellow, National Research Institute of Chinese Medicine
Visiting Associate Research Fellow, National Research Institute of Chinese Medicine
Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Chemistry, University of North Texas, U.S.A.
Organic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Natural Products
Research Description
My research interests focus on the field of medicinal and natural product chemistry including the isolation and structural elucidation of natural products from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), analytical evaluation of herbal medicine, total synthesis of biologically active natural product, and design and development of anticancer drugs. My research involves a wide range of spectroscopic techniques, including 1D and 2D-NMR, FT-IR, and LC/MS analyses.

Published papers
NCBI PubMed :  Ming-Jaw Don (Please click!!)
  1. Ting-Yu Lin, Chieh-Yu Chou, Yu-Hsuan Chen, Chien-Kuo Ku, Ming-Jaw Don*, 2022, Total Synthesis of Naturally Occurring Moracinflavan E and Related Compounds. Phytochemistry Lett. 50, 118–127. (SCI) August 2022 
  2. Pei-Yu Wu, Shin-Yu Lai, Yi-Ting Su, Kai-Chien Yang, Yat-Pang Chau, Ming-Jaw Don, Kai-Hsi Lu, Horng-Tzer Shy, Shu-Mei Lai, Hsiu-Ni Kung*, 2022, β-Lapachone, an NQO1 activator, alleviates diabetic cardiomyopathy by regulating antioxidant ability and mitochondrial function. Phytomedicine 104, 154255. (SCI) 
  3. Sheng-Yi Lin, Jhih-Pu Syu, Yu-Ting Lo, Yat-Pang Chau, Ming-Jaw Don, Shu-Mei Lai, Hsiu-Ni Kung*, 2022, Mitochondrial activity is the key to the protective effect of β-Lapachone, a NAD+ booster, in healthy cells against cisplatin cytotoxicity. Phytomedicine 101, 154094. (SCI) 
  4. Yueh-Lin Wu, Heng Lin, Hsiao-Fen Li, Ming-Jaw Don, Pei-Chih King, Hsi-Hsien Chen*, 2022, Salvia miltiorrhiza Extract and Individual Synthesized Component Derivatives Induce Activating-Transcription-Factor-3-Mediated Anti-Obesity Effects and Attenuate Obesity-Induced Metabolic Disorder by Suppressing C/EBPα in High-Fat-Induced Obese Mice. Cells 11(6), 1022. (SCI) https://doi.org/10.3390/cells11061022   
  5. Min-Che Tung, Keng-Chang Tsai, Kit-Man Fung, Ming-Jaw Don, Tien-Sheng Tseng, 2021. Characterizing the structure–activity relationships of natural products, tanshinones, reveals their mode of action in inhibiting spleen tyrosine kinase. RSC Adv. 11(4), 2453-2461. (SCI) (2021 Jan. 6) 
  6. Ragasa, C. Y.*; Si, M.; Tan, M. C. S.; Pelobello, D. H.; Don, M. J.; Shen, C.-C, 2020. A new sesquiterpene from Dendranthema grandiflora flowers. Chemistry of Natural Compounds 56, 436-439. (SCI)
  7. Ching-Feng Cheng, Hui-Chen Ku, Jing-Jy Cheng, Shi-Wei Chao, Hsiao-Fen Li, Pei-Fang Lai, Che-Chang Chang, Ming-Jaw Don, Hsi-Hsien Chen, Heng Lin*, 2019, Adipocyte browning and resistance to obesity in mice is induced by expression of ATF3. Communications Biology 2(1), 1–8. (SCI) DOI 10.1038/s42003-019-0624-y
  8. Bo-Syuan Jhong, Ting-Yu Lin, Chien-Hsiang Kao, Hsi-Jung Yu, Tsung-Mei Chin, Ching-Yang Liu, Yuh-Chiang Shen, Ming-Jaw Don*, 2019, Synthesis and Anti-inflammatory Effect of Morachalcone B, Morachalcone C, and Analogues. J. Chin. Chem. Soc. 66(4), 409–414. (SCI) (April., 2019)
  9. Rhanney L. Gonzales, Chien-Chang Shen, I-Jung Lee, Ming-Jaw Don, Consolacion Y. Ragasa, 2019, Chemical Constitutes of the Plant Antidesma ghaesembilla. Chem. Nat. Compd. 55(2), 382–385. (SCI) (March, 2019)
  10. Jung-Feng Hsieh, Wei-Jen Lin, Kai-Fa Huang, Jiahn-Haur Liao, Ming-Jaw Don, Chien-Chang Shen, Young-Ji Shiao, Wen-Tai Li*, 2015, Antioxidant activity and inhibition of a-glucosidase by hydroxylfunctionalized 2-arylbenzo[b]furans. European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 93, 443–451. (SCI)
  11. Yu-Ting Tai, Yi-Ling Lin, Chia-Chen Chang, Yih-Giun Cherng, Ming-Jaw Don, Ruei-Ming Chen, 2015, Ring-oxidative biotransformation and drug interactions of propofol in the livers of rats. BioMed Research International 2015:658928. (SCI) doi:10.1155/2015/658928.
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