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Division of Chinese Medicinal Chemistry

Current and Future Research Emphases

1. Study of bioactive principles from Chinese herbs
2. Design and synthesis of bioactive compounds and analogues
3. Standardization study and quality control of Chinese herbs
4. Establishment of chemical bank of Chinese herbs
5. Other research relevant to Chinese medicinal chemistry

Position: Research Fellow / Chief, Division of Medicinal Chemistry
Specialty: Organic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Natural Products
Tel.: +886 2 2820-1999 ext. 8411, 8401
E-mail: mjdon@nricm.edu.tw

Position: Associate Research Fellow
Specialty: Natural Product Chemistry, Cultural Techniques of Microbes
Tel.: +886 2 2820-1999 ext. 5441
E-mail: cklu@nricm.edu.tw

Position: Associate Research Fellow
Specialty: Chinese Medicinal Chemistry, Medicinal/Organic Chemistry, and Phytochemical Analysis
Tel.: +886 2 2820-1999 ext. 8261, 8281
E-mail: lwt0220@nricm.edu.tw

Position: Associate Research Fellow
Specialty: TCM Antibody Library, Phage Display Antibody/Peptide Library, Computer-aided Drug Design, Natural Product Database, Structural bio-informatics
Tel: +886 2 2820-1999 ext. 6241(Office), 6251(Lab)
E-mail: tkc@nricm.edu.tw