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Division of Clinical Chinese Medicine

Current and Future Research Emphases

1. Evidence-based research on Chinese medicine
2. Evaluation of the efficacy of Chinese medicine
3. Training and advanced education for professional practitioners of Chinese medicine
4. Other research relevant to clinical Chinese medicine

Adjunct Research Fellows:
(Clinical Chinese Medicine Doctor & Professor)

● Professor Jaung-Geng Lin (China Medical University)
● Professor Hen-Hong Chang (China Medical University)
● Professor Yi-Chang Su (China Medical University)
● Professor Kuo-Tong Liou (Chinese Culture University, Taipei)

Researchers Introduction:

Position: Research Fellow / Chief, Division of Clinical Chinese Medicine
Specialty: Elucidating anti-stroke drugs and mechanisms by traditional Chinese medicines (TCM), Leukocyte Cell and Molecular Biology, Inflammation Mechanism and Neuron Protection
Tel.: +886 2 2820-1999 ext. 9101, 9121
E-mail: yuhcs@nricm.edu.tw

Position: Research Fellow / Deputy Director
Specialty: Inflammation, Chemotaxis, Osteoporosis
Tel.: +886 2 2820-1999 ext. 4481, 4531
E-mail: wfchiou@nricm.edu.tw

Position: Assistant Research Fellow
Specialty: Health Services Research, Health Technology Assessment, Health Policy, Big Data Analytics
Tel.: +886 2 2820-1999 ext. 5261, 5271
E-mail: elisetan@nricm.edu.tw

Position: Assistant Research Fellow
Specialty: Social and historical analysis of health, global health, qualitative methods, development studies, NGOs and advocacy, primary health care
tel: +886 2 2820-1999 ext. 8201, 8202, 8211
E-mail: mayeeshat@nricm.edu.tw

Position: Assistant Research Fellow
Specialty: Public health, children's health, investigation and research, medical use of Chinese medicine and benefit evaluation
tel: +886 2 2820-1999 ext. 4551
E-mail: yifanli@nricm.edu.tw