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蘇奕彰 教授/博士 (Prof./Dr. Su, Yi-Chang)

Prof./Dr. Su, Yi-Chang
Prof./Dr. Su, Yi-Chang
Position :Director
Specialty :Chinese Medicine 
Tel:02-2820-1999 ext 3101


Current Position:
1. Director,    National Research Institute of Chinese Medicine (NRICM), Ministry of Health and Welfare (2020/Feb~)
2. Professor, School of Chinese Medicine, China Medical University (2009/Feb~)
3. President, Chinese Medical Advancement Foundation (CMAF) (2018/Jan~)
4. President, Taiwan Association for the Education of Chinese Medicine (TAECM)(2017/Jan~)
Doctor of Medicine,    Graduate Institute of Chinese Medicine, China Medical University
Master of Medicine,    Graduate Institute of Chinese Medicine, China Medical University
Bachelor of Medicine, Department of Chinese Medicine, China Medical University


Major Professional Experience
1. Chairman, Taiwan Association of Traditional Chinese Medical Literature and History (2017-2020)
2. Chairman, Taiwan Society for Pathology of Chinese Medicine(2010-2016)
3. Chairman, Taiwan Society for Health Promotion (2010-2013)
4. Chairman, School of Chinese Medicine, China Medical University (2009-2012, 2000-2003)
5. Director, Graduate Institute of Chinese Medical Science, China Medical University(2008-2009)
6. Curator, Lifu Museum of Chinese Medicine, China Medical University(2003-2008)


Chinese Medical Body Constitution, Chinese Medical Pathology, Chinese Medical Health Promotion , Clinical Research of Chinese Medicine Integrated with Western Medicine, Chinese Medicine Classics and Literature Research, Structure and Curriculum Design of Chinese Medicine Education 


Published Papers:

  NCBI PubMed : Yi-Chang Su (Please click!!)

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