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BAS Agency

Adhering to the working philosophy of law-abiding, professional, and service-oriented, we will work with limited resources to effectively operate.

Accounting business:

  1. Unit summary (pre-) calculation and review
  2. Unit budget allocation
  3. Unit budget retention
  4. First and second reserve funds
  5. The accounting monthly report is compiled.
  6. The semi-annual settlement report is prepared.
  7. The unit final accounts are compiled.
  8. Revenue matters review operations.
  9. Expenditure review operation.
  10. Application, appropriation and reporting of the office commission fee.
  11. Increased financial purchases and scrap audit operations.
  12. Collection and payment processing auditing operations.
  13. Purchase case deposits are collected and refunded for audit operations.
  14. Approx. Employees are required to collect and return the audit work.
  15. The securities and custody goods are collected and returned for review.
  16. Special account deposit and custody product balance review operations.
  17. Procurement case supervision operations.
  18. Cashier accounting business check operations.
  19. Unsettled account checking
  20. Other things to do.