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How to apply:
Please complete this form and return it by E-mail (herbgarden@nricm.edu.tw) or fax 02-28236367

Application conditions:
universities or related academic units Please apply to the National Research Institute of Chinese Medicine Ministry of Health and Welfare two weeks prior to the date of the visit. We will reply to you by phone within one week of your application. "Cancellation application" will be notified at the latest by telephone two days before the date of the visit.

Contact window:
Tel: +886-2-28201999 extension 7041
Fax: +886-2-28236367
E-mail: herbgarden@nricm.edu.tw

Number of applicants:
Due to site restrictions and reduced disturbance to the environment, the maximum number of participants per day is 50.

Application fee:
free to visit, please insure your travel insurance.

Visiting hours:
9:30 am to 4:00 pm. The term between January to February does not open to visitors, due to the routine maintenance of the herbal garden.

Admission requirements:
The herbal garden is located in the mountains with rainy and slippery.Visitors are required to wear anti-skid shoes, such as hiking shoes, rain boots and upstream shoes. The park also provides non-slip hoes for public.


  • Visitors are not allowed to enter the other regions of the herbal garden, except for the herbal plants display area and the restricted opening trail. Please do not leave the team while the visiting activity is in progress. Please take care the safety by yourself.
  • There is no trash can and no providing the meals in the herbal garden, please bring own foods and drink and take away your garbage when leave. Barbecue, cooking and other fire behaviors are prohibited. These rules followed assure keeping the natural ecology ofthe herbal garden.
  • The herbal garden has wasps and snakes infested, visitors are strictly prohibited to use perfume.
  • The network signals are weak for mobile phone in park; thus there is a public coin-operated telephone set.
  • Only the vehicles below the size of minibus are allowed to enter the garden zone.
  • The date of admission will be cancelled automatically without notice, when the typhoon or heavy rain resulting in stop working or school closure.
  • Visitors should bring their health insurance card.

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